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Mz. Chief (CO-HOST)

Mzchief Beatshop born (Latrena T) a native of sunny San Diego California, Mzchief currently works as the co-host of "Club Beatshop" shows since 2009, as well as a past co-host for  Rnb lounge a nonprofit organization by community hands network orchestrated by Dj Jam (snoop dog's dj )in 2014. And Currently co host on Grindhard Radio since may 2016.
Mzchief debut album  titled "UNLEASHED" volume 1  mixtape  CD was  released June 19th  2015  was entirely recorded, mixed and mastered  by Beatshop Productions. This album is FREE TO THE PUBLIC by emailing your request to:

Mzchief Beatshop has been professionally performing as a music artist since the age of 9 and at the age of 14 became the 1st & 2nd soprano member of the local popular youth gospel group "THE HEAVENLY ANGELS".Mzchief continued with this group up until the age of 18.
In 2009 Mzchief Beatshop joined Beatshop Productions as a R&B and Pop artist.
In 2011 Mzchief branched off to Rap, and has proven to be a true diverse artist.
Mzchief has performed in over 400+ showcases and has opened up for industry music artists' such as: Keith Murray/ Crooked I/ Twista/ Dipset/ E-40/ Rass Kass / Mac Lucci / Honey Cocaine /WC From Westside Connection / Suga Free /.Hurricane /Siya / Devin the Dude / Eazy III / Luni Colione / Spice1 /Mc Eiht / DPG    and many other talented artists.
Mzchief Beatshop music continues to cross color lines and ethnic borders filling in the gaps with her jazzy BOSS LADY attitude and flow.
In the near future Mzchief Beatshop will be included as one of the talented underground household names mentioned.
Who is Mzchief Beatshop? She's an artist...a songstress...a writer...a friend...a poet....a name to remember a music artist worth looking into.

Problumz (CO-HOST) 

Vester Crowel
Aka Mr Problumz Beatshop / Problumz
TitlePresident of Beatshop/Artist /Promoter/Manager
The name Problumz does not mean that I am a problem. It means someone who knows the realities of life. I've got a real story to tell and I portray some expressions of my life in songs like "Today, Tonight" produced by Joey Dixon.
I've done shows throughout San Diego and abroad  from hole in the wall joints to hitting  Stages such as: Hard Rock Hotel , Music Box 4th & B (when it was Open), Porters Pub  Brick by Brick, Jumping Turtle La Luz, and more. Also about to be added to the list is House of Blues Aug 26th
I currently host shows myself  in the town and have hosted many shows with headliners such as Young Joc, WC, Dipset, Dmx, Kieth Murray, Crooked I, SIYA, Luni Colione and many more. I have featured many of the acts stemming from San Diego on our Beatshop shows.
New albums are about to be released. Such as Team Problumz and the Slumpville Project plus a lot of new music about to be released "Panda Rebirth" with Mz Chief and ...'Every Minute Counts" New single releases coming any day...

 DJ Sgt Rock Started playing piano at the age of 7,started Djaying at the age of 9,becoming a producer at the age of 13,(now he's 42 years old so go figure it out.)
A student of music,born and raised in the city of Biloxi,MS.(yes,Hip-Hop lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast...) he has been doing it in clubs,concerts,churches,and any events associated with music for years. As he puts it,"GOD has blessed me with alot of gifts,so it is mandatory that I give back to H.I.M. what he blessed me with...TRILL."
To add to: Artist,Musician,D.J.,Writer,
Arranger,Director,and Activist...you might as well tack on Concert/Record Promotion,Music and Imaging Consultant,A & R,and M.C./Host to that list also(yes,he does all of that).
He is also the Founder,and CEO of Workshop Productions/F.U.M. Inc. In Association with Plush Entertainment/MixTapeApez.
And now,the newest Co-Host to The Grind Hard Radio Family the possibilities are endless,as the newest addition to The Blog Talk Radio Empire he maintains his focus in helping to build.
"Shouts-Out to Management,Staff,Technicians,Engineers,and CEO/Co-CEO's of Grind Hard Radio and Blog Talk Radio as well. And a special Shout-Out to Tweety-B. and The Radio Divas Show with Lay-Lay and Virginia Supa Nova Slim for the opportunity to link up and connect with the Grind Hard/Blog Talk Family,...I appreciate it my babes!!! We are the future...TRILL."
This is only the beginning,over 3 decades in the game and still going hard and not playing...D.J. SGT. ROCK IS MISSISSIPPI's FINEST. Salute to The O.G. from the Underground,he is now Grind Hard Affiliated...TRILL.


KP is more than just your average rapper, no Cliché. He’s a magician with words, Public Relations major at NC A&T, Modern activist, entrepreneur and smooth operator.
Est. in 1991 out of Durham Bullcity NC, KP built a foundation of vibes through choir, dance, battle rap forums, instruments, theater and just listening to his inspirations. Began Secretly producing raps in a 2-room apartment at 13. Started recording tracks at 16 and slowly snuck his way to the underground.
Today KP is striving for a larger scale, why?  Because people need to here this shit. Just released his 9th mixtape The Lost Son Of Miles Davis. Also set to graduate with Bachelors in Mass Communications Public Relations.  
KP wants to be in a position to inspire and motivate his brothers & sisters to "Live Life" the way they are, the way god engineered them. To not be held back by insecurities but indulges in them............ Lets not get carried away. In the meantime he's focused on doing what necessary to get to that spot. Why don't you be a witness?


 Tenah4 was born on Friday April 13th in 1990 from a single parent at a hospital in Jacksonville, Fl. As a baby/child he was put to bed with the latest R&B Artist, at the time, soundtracks ie. Ms Badu, Fugess, Toni Braxton, etc. Growing up Tenah4 was force to learn and earn his manhood from his environment the northside of Jax, Fl. At the age of 8 he played in his school/church band as a solo drummer. At the age of 10 Tenah4 wrote his first song after being challenged by his grandmother to write a rap. When he turned 13 he was introduce to Sony Acid Screenblast a recording and mixing software and a picture editing software. He develop his craft as a producer, and graphic designer, created a name for his label and typed up contracts for his talent he found. Years have past and now Tenah4 is now a Board member/ Graphic Designer for DX Media an innovative company that is furthering the 3D Graphical Movement. They host a website dxmediapro.com where you can find informative tutorials and entertaining videos! His latest mixtape is titled "Garden of Chronic" hosted by DJ Ransom Dollars, after working on it for a year & a half he has stated this will be his last solo project for a while because he is eager to step further into the world of acting. Tenah4 is striving everyday to learn all he can so he can be the best at EVERYTHING he does.

Young Nah (CO-HOST)

Young Nah was born on May 26, 1989 in Philadelphia Pa. He first began his rap career at the age of 18, when he was signed to The John Whitehead Foundation’s independent label The Key of E Entertainment Group. While at the Key of E, Young Nah performed on a city wide high-school tour called “Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Mic.” Around this time he started to gain interest from major record labels until The Key of E disbanded. After leaving the Key of E, Young Nah began working independently, until he was approached by Nicole Mayo, the founder of Artist First Entertainment, and former manager at the Key of E, about joining her Artist First imprint. After recording a few songs under the new company, Young Nah and his team started to notice an unusual change in his voice. During a trip to the doctor it was discovered that he had a lump on his vocal cords. In an effort to avoid surgery Young Nah was sent to a vocal specialist, and was put on a strict diet. After those methods failed he was taken into surgery on August 23, 2011, and after three weeks of resting his voice he return to hip-hop sounding better than ever. After doing a few guest versus for other artist, he began work on his first solo project entitled Rock Wit Me, which is entirely produce by Baltimore up and coming producer DeezleOnDaTrack. The first single off Rock Wit Me called “Too Original” was release via internet on February 14, 2012, and has sent been played on multiple internet radio station, and Official Smack Radio on 91.7fm in Philadelphia. Young Nah has performed in well-established Philadelphia based clubs such as Club 27 and Finnagans Wake, and he has a lot more show coming in the near future. Young Nah has been described as a breath of fresh air in an industry polluted with copy-cats. Because Young Nah does so many different types of records there’s no one to definitely compare him to. Young Nah, the future of rap.