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Virginia "SuperNova" Slim

Born into a talented family with music at its roots for generations, China Sykes, aka “Virginia SuperNova Slim”, has always had music as a part of her life.  She started singing three part harmony at the age of 3, in a group with her two sisters Venus and Dominique Sykes, “aka Dominique Blu”, known as Ablaze, where the harmonies were especially tight and the audience was always thrilled by their vocal abilities at such a young age.  As she got older, it became obvious, that she had multiple talents.  A fierce poet and lyricist, she began writing her own music in high school, and is highly sought after by other Hip Hop Artists.  A consummate “Wordsmith”, she uses her lyrics to paint a visual picture for her audience.  Able to sing a hook at the drop of a hat, she uses all of her skills to entertain her listeners.  Over the last several years there has been a void in female hip hop since the likes of MC Lyte and Queen Latifa. Virginia Slim comes to fill the bill and take it in a new direction. 

Originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, like Missy Elliott and Timbaland, but now residing in Atlanta, GA, she is bringing a new sound to hip hop.  She is not new to the rap/hip hop arena, as she has been rapping for over 15 years.  Virginia SuperNova Slim is exactly what her name depicts; she is from VA and when you meet her, she is tall, slim and so hot she is going to create new worlds in Hip Hop!

With two well received CD’s to date, she is in the studio working on number 3.  Her fans are anxiously awaiting the release. 

Watch out, if instead of “Virginia Slim”, you get “Catastrophy”, her alter ego, who will step on the scene and blow it up!  Either way, you are assured of getting something exciting as she flips it up, mixes it up and serves it hard!  Watch out America, here she comes…………..Remember I told ya!

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